Jennifer Lynn Garden Design 

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     Garden design is a form of art, just as painting or music. Unlike traditional landscape architects, my designs and artistry specifically match a client's personal needs and style, specializing in seasonal gardens with year round interest.

     Gardening is a visual form of art, akin to painting in that it utilizes perspective and color to achieve its effect, and relative to sculpture in its dimension. It differs from these arts however, by the use of a medium that is living, and therefore ever changing. The insightful garden designer must be able to not only employ color, texture, and mass, but also see ahead to determine the beauty of a combination as it evolves in all stages.

     One should be able to grow comfortably in his garden, after all, it is an extension of one's home and special attention should be paid to the exterior designs. My designs offer just such insight and care when approaching a newly commissioned project.

When a garden is prepared and planted properly with a knowledge of horticulture 

and an artistic eye, it becomes a work of art that will last a lifetime.

English Cottage Gardens, European Gardens, Perennial/Annual Beds, Cooling Roof Top 

Gardens, Rain Gardens, Organic Kitchen Gardens (Potagers), Educational Children's 

Learning Gardens, Butterfly/Hummingbird Gardens, Orchards, Native Meadow 

Wildflower Gardens, Shrub & Tree Plantings, Patio Container Garden Designs